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Ökostart - eletronic Starter Increase the efficiency of Your lighting
ÖKOSTART® - the economic starter, which protects the evironment!

The Job :

  • Flickerfree and smooth start of fluorescent lamps
  • Reduction of costs for maintenance and replacement

The Solution:

ÖKOSTART® - is an economic and environmentally friendly starter. Due to its smooth and flickerfree start, the lamps live longer and maintenance cycle time will be extended.
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Lifetime of a fluorescent lamp is dictated by the life of its cathode filament assemblies. With using ÖKOSTART® , the cathodes are pre-heated continuously until they reach full emission temperature. At the end of this pre-heating-period the cathodes will be emitting freely over the entire area and a low energy impulse is then delivered across the tube to achieve ignition. This intelligent function saves the cathodes from early erosion and gives them a longer life. The blast of the paste of the cathodes will be avoided and you will no longer have black spots at the end of your tubes as you always have with the standard glow-bottle- starter. Once the lamp is running, a safety monitor comes into force, constantly measuring the power being used by the lamp. In the event of an abnormality, which can occure when a ballast starts to fail or with a major supply irregulation or at the end of the lamp-life, ÖKOSTART® 's safety monitor will disconnect the circuit and avoid overheating or damage to other circuit components.

(For more information please ask for our detailed despriction and datasheets or visit our homepage www.palmstep.com)
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Key Benefits

  • Absolute flicker free and smooth start
  • No more black spots at the end of the tubes
  • Full thermal & constant circuit safety monitor
  • Very low EMI (less than /-70 dB comparing to glow-bottle-starter) during the start
  • Reliable softstart even under extreme conditions like reduced supply voltage to 190 Volt
  • ÖKOSTART® extends the lifetime of the tubes and the waste of mercury is reduced
  • Tubes last twice as long
  • Automatic safety shut down when lamp failed
  • Lamp condition monitor with full safety shutdown protects the whole systems from failure
  • Reduces costs for replacement and maintenance
  • Starters don't need to become changed or resetted when you renew the tubes
  • ÖKOSTART® has an ENEC kitemark certified by the German VDE
  • UL/CSA – Approval
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Soft instant lampstart

When switching on a lamp ÖKOSTART® , the cathodes are heated continuously at a low voltage until they reach their full emmission temperature. The time is automatically adjusted by the starter according to the ambient conditions. At the end of the pre-heating period the cathodes will be emitting freely over their entire area and a low energy impulse is then delivered across the tube to achieve ignition. ÖKOSTART® avoids flickering during the start as you know it from standard glow-bottle-starter. TURBiO® provides a quick start, FRIGOSTART® enables reliable start under low temperatures down to -40°C and SOLARSTART® is developed for UV-lamps in tanning beds.
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Maintenance costs

Costs for maintenance are reduced to a minimum, because ÖKOSTART® enables a regular change of the tubes when the light efficiency decreases below acceptable limits. Normally this happens after approx. 6 years!
Unscheduled maintenance is not necessary! You don't need to change or reset the starter if you replace a tube as you have to do it with standard glow-bottle- or “red-buttoned” CIS-starters.
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Lifetime of tubes

Due to the complete pre-heating and low energy pulse, the cathodes are not stressed and suffer no measurable wear during the start cycle. The lamp burn as many hours as if they were operated continuously without re-starting and the efficiency-level will be held for the whole lifetime of the lamps.
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Environmental benefits

Fluorescent Tubes contain mercury and are therefore hazardous and toxic waste. By doubling the lifetime of the tubes, hazardous waste and pollution is halved and therefore the environment is protected.
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Safety and Security

One of the main features is, that ÖKOSTART® is designed, that it never will exceed the specification of your lamps. Ballast and capacitors will be handled very smoothly and operated always within the specified limits. If the tube fails, ÖKOSTART® shuts down the entire circuit and avoids overheating and damage of the ballast or any other components in the whole circuit. In case a lamp or another part is faulty, the security systems guarantees a shutdown. Flickering of defect tubes will also be avoided.
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